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Korsett-Love, the Latex World for made to Measure latex wear.

In the online shop a wide selection Unisex fashion is offered in latex. All models offered are suitable by made to measure for both women and men. Who would not like to see his partner shiny and sexy as a model or Super Diva? Latex is the only material that fits like a second skin and at the same time has a sensitive attraction. By being able to offer the possibility of custom-made, is for each something in it. Women and men who are looking for something special, have come to the right place here. Whether you are looking for a latex dress, corset, catsuit one or another latex garment , we can help you here. Women's and men's fashion in latex in standard sizes or custom cut to size, ie not dependent on standard sizes and models, because not everyone has perfect dimensions. From leisure to bondage and fetish scene. Latex fans who like to visit swingers clubs or other facilities, will always find what Fit for an exclusive appearance. If you have your own design, you can contact us anytime to see what is possible in collaboration with our production.

It is exclusively used latex, which is glued in tracks that prolongs the lifetime significantly compared to molded latex. Thus, the latex used is also uniform in the thickness and surface structure.
A garment made of latex is a magical dream for many. The second skin, smooth and shiny, all veiling yet naked again. Latex is a natural product, which has a unique elasticity and triggers an overwhelming feeling on the skin. When the body is enclosed in this material, it only focuses on himself or his opponent. The movement or touch increases the Ektase. Many have the desire and covet latex as a second skin all over the body. Our prices should not be an obstacle to convince the partner of the implementation of his dream. The silhouette is represented perfectly without showing even a hint of his body. Zippers in the right places, such as at Catsuits keep it fun and easier when the situation becomes explosive. You will love it. Try it and you will be amazed.